Award–winning cheeses

Mild Cheddar (4-6 weeks)

This is the baby of our cheeses, with a soft, subtle texture and rich, creamy flavour.

Traditional Cheddar (3-4 months)

After a few short months the starter cultures in the cheddar have developed and created a slightly acidic flavour at the end of the palate. The cheese is still moist and creamy but stronger flavours have started to develop. A great everyday cheese.

Mature Cheddar (8-12 months)

After 8 months, the cheddar has had an opportunity to dry out slightly leaving the texture open and drier. The body of the cheese is developing and rich flavours are emerging.

Tasty Cheddar (12+ months)

For the ultimate crumbly, tasty cheese, our Tasty Cheddar is available in three ages: 12-15 months, 16-24 months and 2+ years.

Flavoured Cheddars

Average age: 3-4 months

These are our only cheeses to be matured in Cryovac bags, giving them high moisture and an extra creamy texture. Each cheese on offer is the same base cheddar infused and matured with seasonal flavourings.

Flavours available:

Devilish Cheddar

Average age: 12 months+

This intensely flavoured Tasty Cheddar has been ground and pressed with chive, onion and chili, creating a strong flavoured and crumbly cheddar – perfect with a beer.

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