Real Milk

100% Natural

Pyengana Real Milk is 100% natural — nothing is added, and nothing is taken out. Apart from being pasteurised (heated to kill bacteria) the bottled product is exactly as it comes from the cow.


Most milk available to buy in Australia has been homogenised — the milk is placed under very high pressure to infuse the natural fats into the liquid to make it look more consistent. Pyengana Real Milk is nothomogenised, which means the natural creamy texture is retained, and some of the cream will float to the top of the bottle while it is sitting. Simply give the bottle a good shake before each use to disperse the cream, or spoon it off the top to use elsewhere, leaving you with a reduced fat milk.

Single Source

All Pyengana Real Milk comes from our cows on our farm – we are responsible for the entire production lifecycle, which is something very few producers can boast.


Our milk is available throughout Tasmania, including in most Coles and Woolworths supermarkets and many independent retailers.

Milk - 1 Milk - 2

Real Skinny Milk

Nothing added, just a little taken away. We simply skim the cream off our all natural, non-homogenised milk so you can enjoy the familiar taste guilt free!

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