Why Pyengana Cheddar is Special

Crafting the Curd

Pyengana Dairy is the custodian of the traditional recipe used to craft cheddar style cheese in the Pyengana valley. Jon Healey founded Pyengana Dairy using a recipe that was passed down from his great grandfather. The recipe was refined over the years through experience and Jon’s experience making cheese in Europe.

Today the cheese is still made using the handcrafted techniques that involve working the curds by hand and maturing the cheese in a traditional cheese cloth. The cheese is even still made in the same vat that Jon’s grandfather used on the farm in the 1950s.

Pyengana Dairy cloth matured Cheddar has won numerous national awards including the Australian Grand Dairy Awards Champion Cheddar Cheese 2013 and 2014 which is a credit to the vision of Jon and Lyndall Healey in keeping the traditions of the Pyengana valley alive. Today this cheese remains one of the most valued Cheddar cheeses in Australia.

Aged to Perfection

Just like people cheese improves with age.

It takes time and care to mature Pyengana Cheddar. The cheese is wrapped in muslin cloth to protect the surface of the cheese. The cheese is then sealed with lard to prevent it from drying out too much. It then must be rubbed and turned each week.

Pyengana Cheddars are matured in the cellar under the cheese factory in a cave like environment. Natural air ventilation is used to draw cool air 1 km down an underground tunnel to maintain a consistent temperature and an ideal environment for maturing cheddar cheese.

Each batch of cheese is graded to determine how long the cheese is matured. As the cheese gets older it develops a stronger flavour. Only the finest cheeses go on to become Pyengana Reserve Vintage Cloth Matured Cheddar.

Pyengana Traditional Cloth Matured Cheddar is aged for 12 months prior to release for sale whilst the Pyengana Reserve Vintage Cloth Matured Cheddar is matured on to 24 months of age prior to sale.

Real Milk with Real flavour

The milk used at Pyengana Dairy is so good that we had to bottle it and share it. But this is Real Milk with nothing added.  Pyengana Real Non-Homogenised Milk is simply pasteurised with the cream rising to the top. We now also bottle Pyengana Real Homogenised Milk, Light Milk and range of flavoured milks.

With clean air, rich soil and water flow from two rivers, to create lush, green pastures all year round, the Pyengana Valley is prime dairy farming country. The milk used at Pyengana Dairy is sourced from a single herd of predominately Friesian cows. The cows actually milk themselves through robotic technology, all within 100 metres of the factory.



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  • Pyengana Traditional Cloth Matured Cheddar – DIAA Australian Dairy Product Competition 2018
  • Pyengana Traditional Cloth Matured Cheddar – Hobart Fine Food Awards
  • Dairy Industry Association of Australia, Australian Dairy Product Competition 2018
  • Pyengana Traditional Cloth Matured Cheddar – Delicious Produce Awards
  • Pyengana Traditional Cloth Matured Cheddar – Delicious Produce Award
  • Producer of the Year – Pyengana Dairy - Delicious Produce Awards



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